Assigning Leads to Agents

If you have more than one agent, they are able to assign leads to each other from within the dialer.

Assigning the Lead

Once the agent that is talking with the lead is done with the call, they first need to hang up.

Once they have hung up, they can then enter any notes they like, and then to assign the lead to another agent, they click on the "Assign To" drop down on the disposition bar.

This will bring up a list of all agents that the account has associated with it.



Once they select the agent to assign the lead to, the agent simply needs to click on the green "Get Contact" phone icon to move on to the next set of leads.

Receiving the Lead

The agent that was assigned the lead, will now need to go into their "List View" tab and move the assigned contact into the "To Call" category.

To do this, they simply need to click on the green up arrow that is to the left of the assigned lead in the List View tab.


Once the lead is moved into the "To Call" category, the icons to the left of the lead will look different.

This is because now, the agent can either view the lead, call the lead or delete the lead.

Once the agent clicks on the "Call Contact" icon, the agent will immediately be brought to the "Contact View" screen and the dialer will begin calling the lead.

Please Note: Any leads called from the List View tab are considered to be Manual Dialed Calls.
This means that the caller ID that the specific agent has, is what will show up as the caller ID, not the campaign caller ID.

Once the call has been completed, you can disposition the call as normal.

To call other leads that have been assigned to you, simply go back to the List View tab.

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