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Hosted Dialer's Predictive Dialer comes with a wide range of features that will help you manage your business better than ever.

Not only can you dial up to 5 lines at a time per agent, you can also create scripts that incorporate your lead's information in them so that your agent doesn't have to toggle between applications on their desktop.

Agent's can set up email templates that can be sent from the dialer using your agent's actual email address as the return address.

Want to leave a message on answering machines, but it takes up too much time? Upload a custom pre-recorded voice mail message that you can have the dialer leave when you reach answering machines.

Do you need to be able to record the calls that your agent's are making? No problem, the Predictive Dialer allows you to record all of the call made and stores them within your campaigns so you can download and listen to them.

Listen in Live on your agents, barge in or coach your agents while they are on calls.

Upload as many leads as you want.

Create as many campaigns as you want.

With Hosted Dialer, when we say unlimited, we really mean unlimited.

You can even integrate your CRM with our Predictive Dialer.

All of our features, including unlimited calls to the continental U.S. and Canada are included with your Predictive Dialer at no extra cost.

If you have any questions about any of our features, please call your account representative and ask.

Don't have a Predictive Dialer from Hosted Dialer? Call 877-350-0115 now and ask us to set you up now.

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