How to Install X-Lite Softphone

If you are using a PC and need to download X-Lite, you can download it for your PC Here


**NOTE:  There is no need to sign up here.  Just scroll down the page and choose the download appropriate for your computer's operating system.  


>> TIP:  Most Windows-based computers today, use the first download link.  



Once you have downloaded X-Lite for your PC, you will need to configure it to your settings.

Disclosure: This app is not intended to be used with an iPhone, the app or apps mentioned within this article are only for use with some android phones, not all apps work on all android phones. The app may also load and have some features disabled by your phone. These unfortunate instances are not the responsibility of Hosted Dialer, Vioteck Solutions, or any of their members. These apps are free to download with the knowledge that these apps may or may not work on your phone, depending on your phone's year, make and model.
The sound quality of these apps is also determined by the carrier of your android since the signal will be transmitted over their network, which is based on the distance that you are from your carrier's signal and the strength of that signal.

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