How to Create a Manual Dial Campaign

To Create a Manual Dial Campaign you MUST first be logged in as an Administrator.

Then you need to click on the Campaign Tab.

Once you click on the campaign tab, you will see this:

To create a New Campaign, Click on "Create New Campaign"

Once you click on that, you will see a new pop up window.

That pop up window will be where you create your Campaign and it will look like this.

Fill the fields out accordingly...

Name, This is the campaign name, we suggest you call it "Manual Dial Campaign"

Description, is a way for you to be able to determine the difference between this campaign and another that might be similar, such as the date that the campaign was created or the area codes that you are calling.

Caller ID Name, is where you place the name of your business, or what you would like to appear in the caller ID as the name.

Caller ID number is what you want to have appear as your phone number on the caller ID.

Limit Calling Hours, You can leave this blank

Dial Rate Override, Select Inbound, that way you can be sure that the dialer doesn't call any leads accidentally uploaded to this campaign.

Wait for Agent, this field is not relevant for manual dialed calls.

Use AMDthis field is not relevant for manual dialed calls.

Record All, checking this will have the dialer record all of the calls that this campaign makes, they will be saved within the campaign until you delete the campaign.

NOTE: There is no need to upload any contacts to this campaign since you are going to use this only for manual dial.

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