How to Create Voice Broadcasting Surveys & Polls

If you need to run a survey or a poll, our voice broadcasting solution is the perfect tool.

Simply create a new campaign by clicking on the "Create Voice Broadcast" button

Set your caller ID name and caller ID number to what you would like your leads to see when the dialer is calling them.

Do not check the "Use AMD" box, this will keep the dialer from playing your message to answering machines.

Do not check the "Leave a Message" box, this also will keep the dialer from playing your message to answering machines.

To make sure that your results are captured by the dialer, you MUST change the transfer key, DNC key and Leave a Message key to "-"

If the "-" symbol is not on all three of these options, the dialer will not record your results.

You will need to create a message file, either in WAV format, or the dialer can call you to create the file.

To learn how to upload your voice message, click here.

In that message, you will ask your questions.

For example: 
Question 1) "Are you registered to vote this year, press 1 for yes, press 2 for no."
Question 2) "If you are registered to vote, are you voting this November, press 3 for yes, press 4 for no"

Now, when your leads answer your questions with their keypad, their key presses will be recorded.

To view your survey results, click on the magnifying glass, which is below and to the left of your campaign name.

Now you can see which keys your leads pressed during your survey.

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