How to Manage Voice Broadcasting DNC List

When you create a campaign, you have the option to state in your voice broadcast, that your leads can press a button on their phone to be added to you Do Not Call List.

You also have the ability to manually add numbers.

You can do this by adding numbers individually or as a whole list.

To begin, locate the link on the bottom right corner that says “Manage Do Not Call List”.

Now, if you have a list that you would like to upload simply click on the “browse” button. Select the file that needs to be uploaded then click “add to DNC” then “Save”.

NOTE: You MUST name the column in the spreadsheet Phone for the system to be able to upload the list, if you do not, then the list will not upload.

To add a phone number manually, select the rectangle box in the middle and type in the phone number without any dashes or special characters.

It is not required to add a “1” to the phone number.

Once the number is in the box, click “add to DNC” then “Save”. That’s it!

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