How to Run Voice Broadcasting Reports

Hosted Dialer makes it easy for you to run reports on your campaigns.

Reports are campaign specific and they must be requested separately if you have multiple campaigns.

To request a report, click on the “Export” icon located to the right of your campaign.

There are several different types of reports you can run:


Summary -  A general report with basic campaign activity report.


Contact list – Contacted phone number activity and dispositions made


Leads – Simply your list of loaded contacts


Do Not Call – A report of all your do not call requests


Other DTMF – Report of all the numeric options pressed on the contacts phone


Call Detailed Records – Detailed report of all activity for every contact in the campaign


Now, click on the desired report you wish to have sent to you.

Be sure to input your email address at the bottom so the dialer can send you the report.

You will receive an email with a link to a CSV file that can either be downloaded, or viewed online.

Run as many reports as you want, we don’t mind!

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