How to Upload a Sound File to Voice Broadcasting Campaign

Once you have created your campaign and you have uploaded leads, now you need to upload your voice broadcast messages.

You can upload one message for live answers, and another for when the dialer reaches answering machines.

First, click on the icon called "Add or Upload Message"

Once you click on that, you will see a new pop up window.

In that window, you need to click on "Add a Sound File"

Within this window, all you need to do is give it a name, a brief description and tell the dialer how you would like to upload your sound file.

You can either upload it via a wave file on your computer, or you can have the dialer call you and record it over the phone.

If you upload a WAV file from your computer, simply click on "Browse" and locate the file you want to upload.

When your upload is complete, click on "Add Sound"

If you would like the dialer to call you to record it over the phone, then you will need to input the phone number that you want the dialer to call you at.

The dialer will call you and start recording on command.

Once the call is completed, if you are satisfied, then you simply need to click on "Add Sound".

You will then see your sound file within the list of sound files.

If you want this sound file to be your broadcast message for live answers, click on "Set as Broadcast Message"

If you want this sound file to play when the dialer reaches answering machines, click on "Set as Voicemail Message"

If you want this sound file to play for both live answers and answering machines, you can click on both.

Once you have designated what the sound file will be used for, click on "Copy Sound Files to Voice Broadcast"

Now when you look at your campaign, you will see a green check next to the speaker, telling you that the broadcast is ready.

To begin your campaign, simply click on the play button.

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