How to Create a Voice Broadcast Campaign

Before the Voice Broadcasting Solution can call any numbers, you first need to upload a list of leads.

These leads need to be in CSV format for them to be uploaded.

When you first log in to your Voice Broadcasting account, you will notice there is nothing in the account yet.

To get started, click on the Voice Broadcast tab.

Then click on the link at the top in the center that says “Create Voice Broadcast”. 

This will open a new window, and this is where you set your campaign's criteria.

In the top field, enter the name that you wish the campaign to be called. Below the name, enter a brief description of the campaign, ie “eastern phone numbers” etc.

Next, you will need to put in the caller id name and phone number. The caller id name can be anything you want it to be. This is what the client will see when the call shows up on their caller ID. You can even set it to look like it’s coming directly from your office!

*Important note* Caller ID numbers must be valid phone numbers, please do not use 800 numbers!

Next, specify certain hours you want the dialer to call between. The dialer knows based on the area code of the phone numbers what time zone they are in. For example, if at 10am EST, you want the dialer to not call west coast numbers before 9am the dialer will know not to call those numbers until after 9am PST, but since it is already after 9am on the east coast, those numbers will be called.

*Important note* The dialer utilizes this function at the time of initiation only. If calls are started before specified time windows, it will continue to call only those numbers until the campaign is stopped and re-initiated. For example, if you initiate the campaign before 9am, the dialer will only call numbers in time zones after 9am. In order to contact those PST numbers, the campaign will need to be re-initiated.

The next field reads “max agents”. This is the amount of agents you have available to take calls that are transferred from the dialer.

Now, you will need to enter the phone number and back-up phone number you would like the contact to be transferred to when they press 1 to be transferred. This can be any valid number, ie your cell phone or office phone. If you do not wish to use the transfer feature, a phone number still needs to be entered to satisfy the fields.

Next is the dial rate field. This is how many numbers per hour you would like the dialer to contact. The dialer can call from 60 to 10,000 contacts per hour depending on your needs!  Some political campaigns set this number very high for maximum efficiency, while others, who get calls transferred to them throughout the day tend to set this number lower.

Below is a list of the next several check boxes and their descriptions:

Use AMD: AMD stands for automatic detection. Check this box if you would like the dialer to filter out answering machines. This setting will filter out up to about 70% of all answering machines.

*note* When AMD is checked, the diale will take .05 seconds to do so and cause a .05 delay between transfer times.

* Leave a message: Check this box if you would like the dialer to leave messages on answering machines.

* Wait for silence: This option tells the dialer to not play the message until someone on the other line says something, otherwise your message will be played as soon as someone picks up.

* Xfer on Other DTMFs: When this box is checked, the dialer transfer the call if the contact presses any button at all.

* Record xfers: When checked, the dialer will record all calls that are transferred.

* VM on Transfer Fail. This option will transfer the contact to a general voicemail if their transfer to you fails.

The last settings are to assign buttons to specific functions. You can set what number on the contacts phone will transfer, be put on the do not call list and leave a message.

Once all of these fields and settings have been selected for this campaign, click on “Add Phone Cast”. You will now see your campaign in the middle of the screen!

To come back to these settings at any time once the campaign is created, click on the pencil icon that says “edit properties” when hovering the mouse over it.

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