What is Voice Broadcasting

Welcome to the Voice Broadcasting Learning Center.

Our Voice Broadcaster can dial up to 100,000 numbers per hour. 
You can set it to leave one kind of message when it reaches a live answer, make it a press one campaign and have live leads transferred to any number.
You can have a completely different message play when it reaches an answering machine.
It can be used to call businesses leads and/or residential leads for non-profit and political surveys.

From this site, you can learn how to manage and maintain your Voice Broadcasting Solution.
On the Left is a list of articles designed to assist you with your dialer needs.
You can also use the search feature above using keywords.

Use the links below for assistance with Voice Broadcasting:

Create a Voice Broadcast Campaign

Upload Leads to a Voice Broadcasting Campaign

Upload Sound File to Voice Broadcasting Campaign

Run Voice Broadcasting Reports

Custom Voice Broadcasting Database Fields

View Voice Broadcasting Call Details

Manage Voice Broadcasting DNC List

Create Voice Broadcasting Surveys & Polls

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