What does "Unable to Connect due to FCC Error Rate" mean?

What does it mean?

Unable to Connect due to FCC Error rate means that the dialer reached a lead, but there were no agents available to send the lead to, and the dialer had to abandon the lead per FCC regulation.

The Predictive Dialer dispositioned the call this because the agent wasn't available when the customer answered the phone and the call was disconnected. Our Predictive Dialer is able to play an abandon message to the lead before the dialer has to hang up on them though.

What might cause this? 

1) If you have the Predictive Dialer dialing multiple lines, from time to time more than one lead answers at a time. An example of this would be having two agents logged into a campaign that is dialing 5 lines at a time, this means that you have 2 agents available for a total of 10 calls.
2) Another case is the dialer dials out and an agent suddenly disconnects from the system leaving the answered calls as abandoned.

3) And finally, the last example is Answering Machine Detection detected this call as a voicemail and disconnected the call. Since it disconnected the call, the system dispositioned the call as FCC error rate. (In compliance w/ the FCC Safe Harbor/Abandonment Regulations).

Answering Machine Detection (AMD) may have mistakenly detected the call as an Answering Machine for a couple of reasons. Remember AMD is about 85% accurate and sometimes if there is a delay in the "Hello" or the volume of the call, etc can effect in this determination. 

Can this be prevented?
You can reduce the amount of times this happens by setting the campaign to dial in true Predictive Dialer mode, this can be done by choosing "Auto" in the drop down menu called "Dial Rate Override" in your campaign's properties.

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