How to Sort Reports By Date

When you receive a report, it comes to you in the form of an Excel Spreadsheet.

This means that your report will open in Microsoft Excel or whatever program you commonly use to view Excel Spreadsheets,

If you are using Microsoft Excel, you may want to filter your report so that it shows you data from a specific date or date range.

To sort the data by date, you will first need to click on the top left corner of the spreadsheet.

Doing this selects all of the data in the spreadsheet.

Now that your data is selected, you will want to go to the Data Tab in Excel

Next you will need to click on "Sort"

This will pop up the sort window

In the sort window, you will want to sort the data by Call Time, or Disposition Date (depending on the report)

If you do not see the header names in the Sort by dropdown, be sure that there is a check mark next to "My Data Has Headers"

Once you select the header that you want to sort by, click ok.

Your spreadsheet will now be showing your reports in the order of the date and time that the calls were made.

If you need to remove data from dates you are not wanting on the report, simply select the rows that you want to remove...

Then "Right Click" the rows to get your right click menu.

Then select Delete.

This will leave only the cells that you did not remove.

You can them save the file and send the edited report if necessary.

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