Requirements for a Predictive Dialer

There are certain requirements that your computer and internet must meet to use our Predictive Dialer.

1. You need a PC or Mac with 1Ghz of processor and at least 2G of RAM

To see how much RAM your PC has, click here

To see how much RAM your MAC has, click here

2. By default, the dialer is set to connect using a SIP Softphone (X-Lite or Zoiper) through your existing internet connection. Make sure that you have high-speed internet with at least 120 Kbps (kilo bit per second) for each person using the dialer.

To find out what your internet connection speed is, click here

3. A USB headset and X-Lite or Zoiper.

4. For some users, to connect with the dialer, computers need outbound access to the following TCP ports 80, 4000, 843 and 61613.

If users will be connecting with a SIP soft 
phone, all UDP ports must be unblocked. 

Users are recommended to use a uPnP router with a solid always-on internet connection. Wireless connection is not recommended but may be used upon user discretion.  

Latency of under 100 
milliseconds to the nearest server is ideal.

Please contact your onsite technical support administrator for assistance with this.

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