Splitting Cell Data in Excel

When you run your reports, you will notice that the date and time are in one cell.

If you need to separate these two pieces of data then you will need to follow the steps below.

1) First, in Excel right click the column to the right of the Dispo Date column.


2) Now in the menu that is displayed, select "Insert"


That will create a new blank column.


3) Now click on the top of the column, to select the entire column.


4) Go to the Data Tab in Excel and click on "Text to Columns"


5) A window will pop up, and you will want to select the bullet named "Fixed Width"


6) Click Next, and you will see a preview of your data being split

Be sure to drag the column separator to the right of AM or PM


7) Click Finish,

This may pop up a box asking if you want to replace the contents in the destination cells.

Click ok.


8) Right click on the entire Dispo Date column.

In the menu that displays, select "Format Cells..."


9) In the format cells window, select Date


10) Click ok

This will show the date in one column and the time in the column to the right.


Now you can save the spreadsheet in it's new format.

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