How to Install and Configure Bria Solo on a Windows Computer

Part I. Sign up for a Bria Solo Account:

To sign up for new Bria Solo account, click here:
If you already have an existing account, click here:

Type in the email address that you want to use to log in and click the arrow icon (→).

Type in the password that you want to use for the account and click the arrow icon  (→).

Type in your first and last name and click the arrow icon (→).

Tick the box to accept Terms and Create Account.

Part II. Set Up a Voice Account in Bria Solo:

Click the Set Up a Voice Account button.

Click Configure SIP Settings.

Type in your domain. It is the same as your dialer's login URL (,,,,, or

Type in your SIP username in the SIP Username field as well as in the Authorization Username field (same info in both fields).

Type in your SIP password.

If you are not sure what your SIP username, password, and domain are, please ask your admin/manager or contact Hosted Dialer Support.

Click Configure Service Settings.

Use the default settings (no need to change anything). Click Download a Client App.

Click Download for Windows.

Part III. Download and Install the Bria Solo App on your Windows Computer:

Wait for the installer to finish downloading. Once it has finished downloading, double-click the downloaded file to open the Setup Wizard.

Select setup language and click OK.

Click Next.

Tick the box to accept the terms. 

Tick the boxes according to your preference. These are optional.

Click Install.

Wait for the Wizard to complete the installation process. Click Finish.

Part IV. Launch the Bria Solo App:

Open the app. If you don't see it on the screen, you can search for it by typing 'Bria Solo' in your computer's search bar or you can find it in your Programs list.

Sign in with your email username and password. We recommend that you tick both boxes so it will remember your login and sign you in automatically the next time you use it.

In this window, you can click 'No' since we do not need local contacts for the dialer. 

Click 'Yes'.

Sometimes, your Windows Firewall or third-party firewall will prompt you to Allow access to the app. If that happens, click Allow access.

Your phone is now ready to use!

Additional Steps

Part V. Map your Headset:

If you need to set your headset as Bria's default audio device, click on Softphone on top of the app then click Preferences.

Go to Devices. Click the drop-down menus for both Speaker and Microphone and select your headset.

To get the phone to ring through your headset, go to Other Devices, click the 'Ring on' drop-down menu, and select your headset. Click OK.

(This step is optional.)

Part VI. Test your SIP Phone Registration and Setup:

Log in to your Hosted Dialer account. Click the Settings tab.

Click the 'Test SIP Phone Registration & Setup' link under Voice Connection.

If your Bria phone was configured correctly, it will ring through your headset.

If your phone does not ring after clicking on the Test link, you can try changing the Transport type in your Bria's Voice Configuration settings. Click on this LINK for the tutorial.

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