How to Search for Recordings

If you need to find a specific recording, you can search for it using your browser's search/find feature.


Once you are on the view recordings page, hold down the Ctrl and the F keys on your keyboard at the same time.


This is the shortcut to the search/find feature for your browser.


You will see a search window appear on your browser.


Here is what the search bars look like for the most popular browsers




Internet Explorer:


Google Chrome:


In the search box, begin typing the ten digit phone number of the lead that you are looking for.


Your browser will then highlight each record that it finds for that phone number.



Please Note:
If you recycled your list, the phone number may show up multiple times if that phone number has been reached by the dialer. Each record shows the call time on the right side of the record, this may help you determine which recording to download if there are more than one to chose from.

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