Export Tab

The Export Tab is seventh on the top portion of the Predictive Dialer.

Please Note: If you do not see this tab, your Admin needs to activate it.

To activate this tab, the Admin needs to go to the Admin Tab.

The Admin then needs to click on the "Edit Properties" Icon for the agent or agents that need to have this tab activated.

This will open a new window where the Admin can activate/deactivate Tabs and Privileges.

To activate the Export Tab, the Admin needs to place a check mark next to "Allow Exports"

Now when the agent logs out and logs back in, they will see the Export Tab

From the Export Tab, you are able to export specific leads, such as Scheduled Callbacks, Sales Made, Not Interested leads and leads that have asked agents to place them on your Do Not Call (DNC) list.

This report is compiled and emailed to the email address on file for the user log in that is requesting the report. If the email displayed is not where you want the report sent to, you can delete the email and type in the email address you want the report sent to.

Please Note: The leads that are exported are agent specific.

That means that you will only be able to export these dispositions for the user that you are logged in as when you run this report.

That way all agents are not able to view or contact other agent's scheduled callbacks and so on.

When you run this Report, the dialer will send you an email with a CSV Spreadhseet attached.

Upon opening that CSV file, you will be able to view the following information.


You will see the phone number, the status of the lead, the disposition date and any notes that you have placed into the account on this report.

Below is a list of Agent dispositions and their meanings.

Report Status Meaning
Dead Agent dispositioned call as Not Interested
Graveyard Agent dispositioned call as DNC
Inbox Lead was assigned by another agent
Lead Agent dispositioned call as Sale Made
Scheduled Agent dispositioned call as Scheduled Callback
To Call Lead called using manual dial method, not campaign

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