AMD (Answering Machine Detection)

Use AMD, this stands for Use Answering Machine Detection. If you check this box, the dialer will be able to detect most answering machines and will not forward them to your agents, giving your agents a majority of live calls. 

If you leave this box un-checked, then the dialer will transfer live calls and answering machines to your agents, giving your agents the opportunity to leave messages on answering machines. 

Our dialer does have the option to allow your agents to record a message that they can drop into answering machines to save them time.

How does it work?

Unfortunately, there is no Answering Machine Detection software that can be 100% accurate, sometimes even humans think that they have reached an answering machine because there is noise in the background that seems to be related to playback, sounds like hissing or low pitched rattles and rumbles.

There are also times when someones voicemail message sounds so realistic, that humans will begin talking to the voicemail thinking that they are talking to a live person, this might be because the voicemail is crystal clear and the message has a pause between the time they say hello and continue on with their message.

Answering Machine Detection software works the same way by measuring the length of the first words spoken and waits for a pause. It also listens for background noise or the lack of. 

Once these factors are determined, the software then makes a split second decision to either transfer the call to an agent, if it deems the call as a live answer, or it hangs up on the call determining that the call was not a live answer.

If you find that you are getting a lot of answering machines forwarded to you, or your agents, you can upload a pre-recorded message that you can play to the answering machines, once you determine that you have reached an answering machine and not a live person.

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