How to Listen In to Live Calls

Please Note:
This feature is included with HD Premium accounts.

If you are the admin of your account, you have the ability to listen in on your agents live.

To do this, you will need to download and install X-Lite on your computer.

Once you have X-Lite installed and configured to you admin account, you can click on the Monitor Tab.


From there you can visually monitor your call center and you can listen in on live calls.


The left side of this screen is live data on the lines that are dialing out. You can see what numbers the dialer is calling, you can also see if and when the dialer is hanging up on calls and dials new numbers. If one of your agents is talking to a lead, you can see that one both the left and in the main portion of the screen.


The main portion of the screen is live data about your agents. You can see which agents are on calls, how long they have been on the calls, if the agent is not logged in (unknown) or dispositioning a previous call (idle) and determine if they are taking a break or not because each status shows the length of time the agent has been in that status.

When you want to Listen In on a live call, all you have to do is double-click on the talk box that is to the right of the information about that agent.

Double-clicking on a talk box will then cause your X-Lite phone to ring.  You will need to Answer that incoming call from the dialer.


Your X-Lite softphone needs to be running and already configured to your admin account.


Once you answer the X-Lite phone, you will be able to hear your agent talking with your lead.  When the agent is done with that call, you can either continue to monitor that agent or you can double click on another agent's talk box to listen in on them instead.


While you are listening in on your agent, you can Press 1 on your X-Lite softphone to the lead without your agent hearing you. This can be used to test your agent's skills by asking the lead to mention products or services to your agent to see if their knowledge is accurate.


While you are listening in on your agent, you can Press 2 on your X-Lite softphone to coach your agent, without your lead hearing you. This can be used to train your agent on your product or service. Since our dialer is hosted, you can train remote agents this way.


While you are listening in on your agent, you can Press 3 on your X-Lite softphone to add yourself to the conversation between your agent and your lead. This can be used to save a sale or to close a deal without your agent having to transfer you the call.

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