How to Re-Schedule a Scheduled Call Back

In some cases, you may have to re-schedule a lead that you are unable to reach when you call them back for a scheduled call back.

First, you will want to call the scheduled call back by clicking on the Phone Icon next to them in the Scheduled Calls queue on your Home Tab


Once you have determined that the lead is not available, you will want to place your notes in the system.  Be sure that you click on "Add Note" so that the notes are stored with this lead.  You will be able to see the newly added note on the top of the message window for that lead.


Next, you will need to hang up on the lead by clicking on the Red Phone Hangup icon.




Finally, you will disposition the call as a scheduled call back again.

You will want to click on the Schedule Callback drop down and select when you want to call the lead back again.  If you want to select a specific date and time, click on Custom.Once you have selected your call back date and time, be certain to click on the "Schedule Callback" button.  This will place the lead back in the call back queue with your new call back date and time stored.

Once you are ready to call the lead again, simply click on the Phone Icon to call them.

You can also click on the Eye Icon to view your notes and see when the call back is scheduled for.

To delete the call back, simply click on the red x and to edit your call back date and time, you can click on the Pencil Icon.

Please Note: Before your agents use the Scheduled Callback disposition, they will want to make sure that their log in Time Zone is set, otherwise the dialer will use UTC time (Greenwich Mean Time) by default.

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