How to Display Agent Productivity

To see how many calls each agent is making and how many leads they are talking to, you must be logged in as the admin.

Once you are logged in, click on the Home Tab.

On the lower right corner of the Admin Tab, click on "Display Agent Productivity"


A new window will pop up. 

By default, you will see the data for the current day. 

The first set of numbers is the total of your entire call center. 


Total Connect time is how long your call center has been logged into the dialer (in seconds)

Total Talk Time is how long your call center was on calls with leads (in seconds)




You can also view data from a specific date or date range.  Simply select the dates that you would like to view, and click on Get Custom.

The first part of the report show what all agents combined have done.


This report can either be printed or saved in CSV format.


For each agent, you will see:

How long they were logged into the dialer

How many leads they were connected to

How long they were on calls with leads

How many leads the dialer called

How many manual dialed calls the agent made

And a list of all dispositions that agent made.

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