How to Record on Demand

If you don't want to record all of your calls, but only calls that generate a prospect, you can have your agent's record the calls on demand while they are talking to the leads.

All your agent needs to do, is click on the "Record" icon that is on the Contact View Tab.



Once they click on that, the dialer will begin saving the call from the beginning of the call, not from the moment record was pressed.

The icon will change from the red circle image to a yellow x.


If they decide that they do not want to record the call, they can click on the yellow x and the recording will be discarded.

Where those recordings are stored on your dialer account is dependent on how the call was made.

If the call was made from a campaign, you can listen to the recordings here.

If the call was made as a manual call, scheduled call back or from a lead that was searched, you can listen to the recordings here.

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