How to Remove Leads While Dispositioning

Please Note: This feature is included with HD Premium accounts.

If you want to make sure that certain dispositions are not recycled you can set the dialer up to remove leads and remove duplicates at the time your agent dispositions the call.

Please note: This will not prevent the dialer from recycling these leads if you recycle "All Contacts"

To remove leads upon their disposition, you must be logged in as an Admin.

Click on the Admin Tab.

Now on the lower right corner, click on "Configure Custom Dispositions"

This will show you your custom dispositions.

To the left of each custom disposition, there are icons.

By default, these settings are off.

If you click on the third icon, you will allow the dialer to remove any future calls to the lead, unless the call is a manual dialed call.

When this option is on, the icon will grey out.

The second icon, that is by default, greyed out, will remove any duplicates of that lead from your dialer.

Now when you recycle your leads, and select "All Contacts" it will also exclude the leads with these dispositions and that option on.

* Remove Duplicates While Dispositioning

When you select that option, it will become solid.

Now, if you forgot to check for duplicates when you uploaded your leads, you can remove them upon disposition.

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