How to Recycle All Of Your Leads

When you run out of leads, you can recycle them so the dialer calls them again, as many times as you want.


You can either select the disposition that you want the dialer to call back, or you can click on the All Contacts button.



This will call back all of the leads,except your Do Not Call dispositions.


Clicking on All Contacts will act the same way as checking all of the disposition boxes.


This will call back leads marked as Not Interested, Sale Made, Scheduled Call Back or numbers on your DNC list. So do not click on All Contacts if you are not wanting to recycle all of your contacts.


If you have custom dispositions that you do not want the dialer to call back also, you can select an option to prevent the leads from being called back again.


Once you click on All Contacts, your campaign's pie chart will reflect the leads that were recycled.

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