How to Play a Message Live

If you want to play a message live to your prospect, while you are on the call with them, for example, if you have a disclaimer that you would like to play before you begin your sales pitch, you can do that using the Play Message feature.

You will first need to upload your sound file.

This is an agent specific feature, so each agent can upload their own unique sound file.

To use this feature, after you upload your sound file, you can click on the "Play Message" button while you are on a call.


Each sound file that you have, has three options.

To play the sound file without hanging up on the client, select "Play:" and your sound file name.

This will begin immediate playback of your sound file, you and your prospect will both be able to hear the message playing.

If there is an instance where you need to stop play back of the message, simply click on the "Play Message" button again.

This will immediately stop your message in mid-playback.

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