How to Disposition the Call

When your agent is done with the call that he or she is on, the dialer will not call anymore leads until the agent dispositions the current call.

It is necessary to disposition the call so that you can track the outcome of each call that is made.

The Disposition Bar is on the Contact View Tab.

When the agent is done with the call that they are on, all they need to do is click on one of the options in the disposition bar.

Then they will see a drop down of choices related to that option they selected.

For example, if they were able to make contact with a live lead, they will click on "Made Contact" 

Once they click on "Made Contact" they will see a few options under that option to select from.

As soon as they click on one of those options, the call will be stored with that disposition as the outcome of the call.

You can run reports based off of these dispositions and you can recycle the leads based off of these dispositions.

Our Predictive Dialer also allows you to create up to 25 Custom Dispositions, which you will see under the "Custom" option.

To learn how to create custom dispositions that are specific to your business, click here.

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