How to Change Agent Hold Music

When your agent is waiting for a live answer to be transferred to them, they are able to have hold music playing for them between calls.

The hold music can not be heard by the leads that are being transferred, this is only heard by the agent.

If the agent wants to change the style of music or remove the music, they can do this within their agent log in.

They will need to click on the Settings Tab.

Within the Settings Tab they will need to click on "Setup Music On Hold"

This will open the settings in a new pop up window.

In the pop up window, they need to click on the drop down and select the style of music they would like to hear.

The audio is from Shoutcast.

Once the agent makes their selection, they need to click on Save Changes.

If they would like to turn the music off, they can select "Silence"

The changes do not take effect until the agent logs out and logs back in.

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