How to View Progress Stats

Every Campaign that you create builds a real time pie chart for administrators to view simply by hovering your mouse over the pie chart.

When you hover your mouse over the pie chart, you are able to see at a glance what is happening within that campaign.

Uncalled - This is how many numbers that campaign has left to call

Called Once - This is how many numbers the campaign has called since the beginning of the campaign, it is also how many numbers the campaign has called since the last time leads were recycled.

In Progress - This is how many numbers the dialer is calling. It is the same number as Uncalled but only when you have not recycled your leads yet.

Maxed Out - This is how many numbers the dialer has called and no one answered, you can call those numbers back by recycling them.

Answered - This is how many numbers the dialer called and discovered an answer on the other end.

Out of Time - This number indicates how many number  that you have uploaded that can not be called at this time because the times zones of those area codes are either before or after the times that you indicated in the Limit Call Hours properties of the campaign.

You can also see what your campaign's current abandon rate is. In the image above, the abandon rate is at 25.5530%.

This means that over 25% of the calls that the dialer is making for this campaign are reaching live answers, however when the dialer is transferring those live answers to the agents, the agents are not available.

One way to lower this abandon rate, is to use the dialer in true Predictive Dialer mode, that does not allow the abandon rate to go above 3%.

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