How to Display Graph Stats

Each campaign has icons for tools that you can use for that particular campaign. One of them is the Display Graph Stats icon.

Pie Chart

When you click on that you are able to see a detailed pie chart that shows you what happened on each call that the dialer has made.

The chart not only shows what dispositions the dialer makes on its own, it also shows what dispositions your agents are making, merging them all together in an at a glace point of view.

Bar Graph

The Calling Data for the current date can also be seen by click on "Calling Data" above the pie chart.

This shows you how many calls the dialer is making for each hour that the dialer is being used during the present day.

If you are not able to see any data on this graph, then that means that the campaign you are viewing the data for, has not been used during the present day. 

Please Note:
The bar graph only shows current day activity and shows in UTC time.

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