How to View Previous Calls

If your agent was on a call and suddenly the lead hangs up, you can view that call and call them back right away.

This article shows how an Admin can locate a previous call.

Please Note: This feature is included with HD Premium accounts.

If you are the Agent, please click here for instructions from your Agent Log in.

Once you are logged in as an Admin, click on the Admin Tab.

Once there, you can click on the icon that looks like a phone called Recent Calls.

That will open a window showing all of the calls that the Agent has made, by default it shows the last 10 calls.

This list also shows if the call was a Direct/Manual call or a Predictive Dialer Campaign call.

How long the call lasted and the date and time of the call.

You can search for calls made from the previous 3 days.

If you need to locate a lead from a date older that 3 days, you can search in the List View Tab.

You may not know the number you are searching for, but if you run a report on that campaign, you can locate the phone number in the report that is emailed to you and you can then search for the call detail in the List View.

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