What are SIP Settings

Please Note: This feature is included with HD Premium accounts.

To locate SIP information, you can either be logged in as the Admin or the Agent.

If you are logged in as the Admin, simply log in to the administrator account in your dialer and click on the "Admin" tab.

All of your agents SIP information can be obtained here.

(We also email the primary account holder this information upon signing up with Hosteddialer.)

To the right of the desired agent in the "Admin" tab, look for and click on the blue icon that reads "edit connection method" when hovering your mouse over it.

If you are logged in as the Agent, click on the Settings Tab then click on "Change Voice Connection Settings"

Make sure the radio button that says "SIP Phone" is selected. Now, at the bottom of the window, all of the SIP phone login information is displayed. You will need to write down the Username/Auth Username (ie Sip_1234), Password and domain. You can also simply keep this window open for your reference while configuring X-lite.

You do NOT want to use the IP address provided, instead please use the Domain provided in your welcome email, without http://

Note: The SIP password can also be changed from the dialer. If you change the password in the dialer, you will need to also change it in X-lite or else the dialer will not sync up with X-lite!

Now, open X-lite and click on "Softphone" on the top left corner then select "Account Settings".

This now directs you to the SIP account properties window and you will need to enter in the SIP information obtained earlier.

In the "Display name" "Username" and "Authorization Username" fields, you will need to enter the sip username obtained from the dialer. (Ie sip_1234, all three fields will be filled in with the same info)

In the "Password" and "Domain" fields, enter the corresponding info you obtained from the dialer in the "Admin" tab.

Next, make sure the box that says "Register with domain and receive incoming calls" is checked.

Now, make sure the "Domain" radio button is selected, then click "Apply" and then "Ok".

If your X-lite now displays a message saying "Ready. Your username is (ie sip_1234)" then your X-lite is ready to start placing calls from the dialer. However, you can place a test call from the dialer to make sure it is working properly.

To place a test call, log into the account that you are configuring X-lite for and click on the "Settings" tab.

At the bottom of the screen, look for a link that says "Test Sip Phone Registration & Setup".

Once that link is clicked on, your X-lite will now ring. If X-lite rings and you can hear the lady on the other line talking, you're good to go and can hang up.

For all X-lite related support issues, please contact support at 630-333-9900

To make sure that you are using the correct SIP settings provided to you. 

Click on the Settings Tab

Then click on "Test SIP Phone Registration and Setup"

Clicking on that should cause your X-Lite to ring.

Be sure to answer it.

Once you answer you should hear this

If your softphone rings, but you are unable to hear anything, you may want to check your X-Lite Sound Settings.

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