Why Can't My Customers Hear Me

If you are using a soft phone, like X-Lite, your leads may not be able to hear you for obvious reasons.

For example, your PC speakers may be turned down too low, or on mute.

You can check to see if your speakers are turned up by clicking on the speaker icon on the lower right corner of your screen.

Once you click on that, you will be able to set the volume of your speakers.

If that doesn't resolve your issue, you may want to look at your X-Lite device settings.

First, check to see if your X-Lite Mute button has been activated.

If that doesn't help, you can check the device settings by clicking on the left Softphone on the upper left hand corner and selecting "Preferences"

  A new window will pop up, and from there click on "Devices" on the lower left side.  

Under the Headset area, click on the dropdowns and select your headset for Speaker Device and Microphone Device.

Once those have been selected, click on Apply, then OK.

If your leads still can not hear you, be sure to check and see if you have a mute button on your USB headset that you may have pressed by accident.

If after these steps, either you can not be heard or you can not hear the lead, please call our support team at 630-350-0115 for assistance.

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