How to Get Started on Hosted Dialer

Before your agents can start making calls from the Predictive Dialer, you must first set up your account.

There are four steps you need to take to get started.

1) Change your Passwords
Create a Campaign
3) Upload Leads 
4) Configure SoftPhone

After these steps, your agents can begin calling your leads!

Step one: Create A New Campaign

To Create a New Campaign you MUST first be logged in as an Administrator.

1.  Click on the Campaign Tab.

2.  To create a New Campaign, Click on "Create New Campaign"

Once you click on that, you will see a new pop up window.  That pop up window will be where you create your Campaign and it will look like this.

Fill the fields out accordingly...

Name, is where you will place the name of the campaign.

Description, is a way for you to be able to determine the difference between this campaign and another that might be similar, such as the date that the campaign was created or the area codes that you are calling.

Caller ID Name, is where you place the name of your business, or what you would like to appear in the caller ID as the name.

Caller ID number is what you want to have appear as your phone number on the caller ID.

Limit Calling Hours, Checking this prevents the dialer from calling area codes before or after the hours that you specify below. It does not matter where you are calling from, the times are determined from the area codes that you are calling so if you are calling from the east coast and you are calling a 916 area code (California) and it is 9am EST, the dialer will not call the 916 phone number because the dialer will know that it is 5am PST at the 916 area code.

Dial Rate Override, from here you can determine how many lines per agent are being dialed out at a time, from 1 line per agent up to 5 lines per agent. You can also set this to Auto, which is true predictive mode. Predictive Mode allows the dialer to determine how many lines are used based on how many calls are being dropped throughout the day, if there are more than 3% of the calls being dropped, then it will use less lines, and if there are less than 3% of the calls being dropped during the day, then it will use more lines. This will fluctuate throughout the day.

Wait for Agent, this determines how long you want your leads to wait on the line for your agents if all of your agents are on calls once the dialer reaches another lead. Once the time limit expires, the dialer hangs up on that lead that is holding, which is called a dropped call.

You can set the dialer to play a message to the lead before the call is dropped to let them know what the call was about.

Use AMD, this stands for Use Answering Machine Detection. If you check this box, the dialer will be able to detect most answering machines and will not forward them to your agents, giving your agents a majority of live calls. If you leave this box un-checked, then the dialer will transfer live calls and answering machines to your agents, giving your agents the opportunity to leave messages on answering machines. Our dialer does have the option to allow your agents to record a message that they can drop into answering machines to save them time.

Record All, checking this will have the dialer record all of the calls that this campaign makes, they will be saved within the campaign until you delete the campaign.

Step Two: Upload Leads

To upload leads, you must first have a list of leads on your computer that are in CSV format.

Next, you'll need to upload your list of phone numbers to the dialer. Click on the "Campaign" tab.

Now, look for the icon that looks like an excel spreadsheet. (it will say "upload contacts" when hovering your mouse over it).  Click on the icon.

The first step now is to click on "Find CSV". Locate your file then click "open".

Now, your list of contacts will appear in the box.

You'll now need to associate your spreadsheet columns in the dialer.

To the right you will see a box that says "Available Fields". If you have Custom Fields, they will appear here.

Simply drag and drop the fields to the appropriate headers on the left.

If your database fields match exactly to how they are displayed in your spreadsheet, you can click the "Auto Assign" button, and the dialer will complete this process automatically for you.

Once your database fields are correctly associated, you'll now need to take a look at the check boxes on the bottom left hand side.

If you wish to randomize the order in which your calls are placed, leave the top box checked. If you'd rather the dialer call your contacts in order, from top to bottom in the spreadsheet, then un-check that box. note: In the dialer it says to leave that box checked, however that box is NOT required to be checked

Leave the next check-box checked if you wish for the list you are currently uploading to be scrubbed for duplicates.

The third check-box is to be checked only if you want the dialer to check for duplicates on all your records. This includes all of the phone numbers you have uploaded to all campaigns in your account.

Check the fourth box if you wish to have the dialer scrub against duplicates in this campaign only. (you can upload as many lists of leads to a campaign as you wish)

Finally, to continue uploading, you are required to check the last box that reads "I am allowed to call these contacts".

Once the last box is checked the "upload" button will now appear. Click the upload button, then you will see your leads being uploaded from the status bar. The dialer will inform you that your leads are currently being uploaded and could take up to 10 min. Click ok, and you are done!

You can now exit out of the upload screen. You'll know when your list is uploaded when you see an orange circle appear next to your campaign. If you hover your mouse over that circle, you can see some general stats on that campaign.

Once these steps are complete, your Predictive Dialer is ready and your agents can log in and begin making calls.

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