How to Install and Configure Zoiper 5 on a Windows Computer

If you decide that you want to use another softphone other that X-Lite, we suggest Zoiper.


Get Zoiper by clicking this link. Click the Download button for Windows.

 Click the Download button for the Free version.

Double click on the downloaded installer. It will open the Setup Wizard. Click Next.

Accept the agreement and click Next.

You can tick or untick the box to Add Desktop Shortcut (optional). Click Next.

You can tick or untick the "Don't Create Start Menu Folder" box (optional). Click Next.

Select the Zoiper 5 version you would like to install. We recommend choosing the auto-detected version. Click Next.

Specify whether you wish to make Zoiper 5 available to all users or just yourself. If you are sharing the computer with other users who do not need Zoiper 5, please select  Current User. Otherwise, select All Users. Click Next.

Click Next and wait for the program to finish installing.

Click Finish.

Click Continue as a Free User.

Type in your SIP username and password and click Login. See example below. If you are not sure what it is, please ask your admin/manager or contact Hosted Dialer Support.

Type in your domain. It is the same as your dialer's login URL (,,,,, or If you are not sure what it is, please ask your admin/manager or contact Hosted Dialer Support.

Tick the box for Optional Authentication and Outbound proxy. Type in your SIP username and leave the Outbound proxy field blank. Click Next.

Wait for Zoiper to auto-detect the configuration. It will usually select either TCP or UDP. When it's done, click Next.

Wait for the SIP account to finish registering. When it's done, it will show a green check mark.

To set your headset as the default device in Zoiper, click on the gear icon.

Click Audio (under Media) and click on the drop-down options and select your headset for Input Device, Output Device, Input Speaker, Output Speaker, and Ringing Device. Click the X button to go back to Zoiper's main screen.

Your Zoiper 5 phone is now ready to use!

To test your SIP phone registration and setup, log in to your Hosted Dialer account. Click the gear icon at the bottom left side of the screen to go to Settings.

Click the 'Test SIP Phone Registration & Setup' link under Voice Connection.

If your Zoiper phone was configured correctly, it will ring through your headset.

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