Campaign Report Status Meanings

When you run a Campaign Report, the dialer will send you an email with a CSV Spreadhseet attached.

Upon opening that CSV file, you will be able to see what disposition each lead has been dispositioned as.

In the Status column, you will find this information.

Not only will you find the dispositions that your agents' placed on the calls, you will also see the dispositions that the dialer placed on calls that were not sent to one of your leads.

This article has been created to help you understand what your report is trying to tell you.

Below is a list of Agent dispositions and their meanings.

Agent Dispositions Meaning
Contact Busy/Answered Answered by someone but not the lead
Contact Busy/Uncalled Lead not avail/recycled
Dead/Answered Not Interested/Been Recycled/Called
Dead/Attempted Once Not Interested/Not Recycled
Dead/Uncalled Not Interested/Recycled
Lead/Unknown Sales Made
Machine Left Msg/Answered Left Message
Machine Left Msg/Uncalled Left Message/Recycled Lead
Machine No Msg/Answered Reached VM No Message Left
Machine No Msg/Attempted Once AMD Reached VM/Not Recycled
Machine No Msg/Uncalled AMD Reached VM/Recycled Lead
Scheduled/Uncalled Scheduled Call
Unknown/Answered Agent not avail/Been recycled/Called
Unknown/Uncalled Not Called
Wrong Number/Answered Wrong Number/Recycled/Called
Wrong Number/Attempted Once Wrong Number/Not Recycled
Wrong Number/Uncalled Wrong Number/Recycled/Not Called Back Yet

Below is a list of Dialer dispositions and their meanings.

Dialer Dispositions Meaning
Contact Busy/Attempted Once Busy Signal
Q/Attempted Once No Answer
Unknown/Uncalled Dropped Call
Unknown/Attempted Once Agent not avail and Carrier Error

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