How to Merge CSV Cells

If you tried uploading your leads to the dialer, and the dialer was not able to upload any leads, you may want to check your CSV Spreadsheet to make sure that all 10 digits of the lead's phone numbers are all in the same cell.

You may have received your leads from your lead provider with the area code in one cell and the rest of the number in another.

There is a simple way to merge these two cells together so the dialer can upload the numbers.

Using a simple code =A2&""&B2 in the next available column, allows you to merge cells.

Please keep in mind, that the letters in the code are based on the letters of the columns that your phone numbers are in.

For example, if the area code is in column L and the phone number is in column M then the code would be placed in column N as =L2&""&M2

Now that you have that code in one cell, you will need to copy that cell. Press Ctrl+C

Select all of the cells below that cell.

Now Paste that code into the cells that you have selected. Press Ctrl V

Be sure to give that column a name that you will recognize when you are uploading the new list. Now save the spreadsheet in CSV Format. Load the leads and select your NEW column as the phone number.


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