How to Schedule Callbacks

If your agents are on a call, and the lead wants them to call them back at a certain time, your agent can disposition the call as a Scheduled Callback.


There are several options that the agent can choose from.

They can call them back in a certain amount of hours, the next day, a week from now or months later.

Your agent can also schedule a specific time by selecting Custom.

Before your agents use the Scheduled Callback disposition, they will want to make sure that their log in Time Zone is set, otherwise the dialer will use UTC time (Greenwich Mean Time) by default.

For the agent to set their Time Zone, they need to be in the Settings Tab. (Time Zones are Agent Specific, if you have multiple agents, they will each need to change their Time Zone)

From the Settings Tab, they will need to click on "Modify Configured Time Zone"


This will bring up a pop up window, where they will make their changes.


Most likely, they will need to scroll up and search for Pacific, Mountain, Central or Eastern Time.

Once they have made their selection, they need to click on Save Changes, and log out and back in for the changes to take effect.

When they log back in, they will want to verify the changes by going to the Settings Tab and from there, they can view their General Properties.

When they have scheduled callbacks, they will see them on the Home Tab.


The dialer does not call the callbacks automatically, this is because in the past, if the agent was on a call at the same time that the dialer was calling the scheduled callback, then the lead would have been lost.

Instead, when the agent logs in, they get a pop up letting them know that they have callbacks, and the agent can toggle to the Home Tab to view the callbacks.

The agent has several options from the Scheduled Calls area.

Clicking on the eye icon, they can view the lead and see notes and information about the call including the call back time.

NOTE: The agent has to be connected to a campaign first. If you have admin privileges you can a Create a Campaign specifically for callbacks only.  

Clicking on the phone icon, calls that lead right away, once the call is made and the agent dispositions the call, it is removed from the Scheduled Callback area.

The red X icon deletes the scheduled callback.

The pencil icon allows the agent to edit the callback time.

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