How to Create an Inbound Only Campaign

Contact your sales rep to learn how you can add this feature.

If you want to have an Inbound ONLY campaign, you need to do a couple of things.

First, you will need to order an inbound phone number (DID) from your sales rep.

Once you have that inbound number, you will need to associate that number with one of your campaigns.

By default, all campaigns are blended campaigns, meaning that they can make outbound calls, and take inbound calls.

So if you want your campaign to ONLY take inbound calls, be sure that in the creation of your campaign, that you select "Inbound" from the Dial Rate Override drop down.

Now you will need to direct your new inbound phone number (DID) to that campaign.

To do that, you will need to go to the Admin Tab and click on "Setup Inbound DIDs"

Here you will enter the inbound phone number, a description of the number, and select which campaign you want it to ring to.

Once you click on "Add Inbound Number" you will be able to see which campaign it is going to ring to.

If you have an inbound number associated with one of your campaigns, the dialer will only show the contact information that you have on that lead if you have that leads information uploaded to that same campaign. If that lead information has been uploaded to a different campaign or not at all, it will not show up on the agent's screen.

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