How to transfer calls

When you want to transfer a call to an outside line, simply click on the Transfer Button.


Clicking on that will allow you to either type in the ten digit phone number that you would like to call, or you can select a phone number that has been added to your phone book.

If you chose to type in the ten digit number, simply click on "Other Number" and you will then be given a box to type in that ten digit number.

If you have a phone number in your Phone Book, select the number in the drop down, and the dialer will automatically dial that number, transfer the call to that number and hang up on the agent side.

Once this happens, you will still need to disposition the call before you can call your next set of leads.

If you have a custom disposition for transferring calls, you can disposition it as that, so your administrator can run reports based on calls that have been transferred.

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