How to Upload a Pre-Recorded Message

Within our Predictive Dialer, agents can now upload their very own personalized pre-recorded messages.

This function can either be used for playing messages like disclaimers while on a live call with a contact, or they can use it as a personalized voice mail recording.

Agents can upload multiple sound files to their account.

First, click on the "settings" tab.

On the right hand side, there is an area that reads "Sound Files".

Look further down and click on the link on the bottom right that says "Add a Sound File"

Within this window, all the agent needs to do is give it a name, a brief description and tell the dialer how they would like to upload their sound file.

They can either upload it via a wave file on their computer, or they can have the dialer call him/her and record it over the phone.

If the agent would like the dialer to call them to record it over the phone, then your agent will need to input their phone number.

The dialer will call them and start recording on command.

Once the call is completed, if the agent is satisfied, they simply need to click on "Add Sound".

Now that the sound files are added, they will now appear in the settings tab.

From here, you can do a few things.

1) Red Delete Icon: this allows you to delete a pre-recorded message if you no longer want to use it.
2) Diskette Icon: this allows you to download and listen to your pre-recorded message to make sure it is what you want to use.
3) Disable for In Call Message: This keeps the sound file in your dialer but removes it as a selection while you are in a call.

Once you are in a call, you will see your uploaded messages in a drop-down menu in the "Contact View" tab when the "Play Msg" button is clicked.

If your agent wants to play a message live, they can click on that button at any time and select the message they would like to play.

If an agent receives a voicemail or answering machine and wants to leave their voice mail recording, they simply click "Play Msg", select, "Wait For Beep", then select their sound file.

The dialer will then play the message after the beep, and your agent will move on to the next call!

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