How To Configure X-Lite

Before agents can begin placing calls, the administrator must first set up their X-lite accounts.


You can download X-Lite for your computer HERE.  Please be sure to select your operating system.


Once you download X-Lite, you will need to install it before you can configure it.

Before we get started, you will first need to retrieve your SIP login information. 

To easily obtain this information, simply log in to the administrator account in your dialer and click on the "Admin" tab.

All of your agents SIP information can be obtained here. (We also email the primary account holder this information upon signing up with Hosteddialer.)

Step 1:  Click on "Softphone"

Step 2:  Click on "Account Settings"

Step 3: Enter account name.  Example:  Agent 1 or Support.  This field is up to you.

Step 4: Enter the SIP account details associated with the agent/user.

Step 5: Click OK

Your Xlite should now be ready.

Next, you will need to configure your USB Headset to work with X-Lite.

Step 1:  Go back to the main Xlite interface.  Select Softphone

Step 2:  Choose Preferences

Step 3:  Click Devices

Step 4:  Make sure your headset is selected here.


Note: Your USB headset must be plugged into your computer for X-Lite to detect it and display it as an option.

If your X-lite now displays a message saying "Ready. Your username is (ie sip_1234)" then your X-lite is ready to start placing calls from the dialer. 

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