How to Create Scripts

If you would like to have a script pop up on your agent's screen when they are connected to a lead.

Then you or your agent can create scripts.

Please note, that scripts are agent specific, not campaign specific.

Your agent simply needs to go to their Settings Tab, and on the lower right corner, click on Setup Scripts.

Once you click on that, a new window will open.

You can create as many scripts as you want, so be sure to give your new script a unique name.

Then either type or copy and paste your script into the Content area.

When you are done creating your script, press Add Script.

If you would like to edit your script, so that it shows lead information, you can place a code, that we have provided to you, into your script.

To do this, select the script from the left and click edit.

Then copy the code #{<Database Field Name>} that is provided to the right of your script.

Then copy that code where ever you would like to have your lead data appear.

Now edit that code, for example, if you want to have the script show your lead's First Name, then replace <Database Field Name> with First Name.

So that the code shows like this...

#{First Name}

Be sure to type the field name, exactly how it is typed in your Custom Database.

You can place as many of these codes in your script as you want, as long as you have the database fields and the lead information uploaded.

When you are done editing, click save.

For the script to pop up in a call, you MUST set the script as your default script.

To do this, click on the star next to the script in your script menu.

Now when your agent is on a call with a lead, they can have the script pop up and it will enter the lead info into the script automatically.

The Administrator can also create and set default scripts for their agents.

As the administrator, simply go to the Admin Tab

And click on the icon that says "Edit Script Setup"

This will open the same window that the agents saw when creating scripts.

This way, the administrator can change the default script for the agents whenever they want.

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