How to Recycle Leads in the Dialer

Once the dialer calls all of the leads that you have uploaded, your agents will get a message that pops up on their screen.

The message will say "No More Contacts"

You can then recycle the leads, and call back specific leads that you were not able to contact if you like.

You must be logged in as an Administrator.

Click on the Campaigns Tab.

From there, Click on the "Recycle Contacts" Icon that is associated with the campaign that you are wanting to use.

That will bring up a new window.

From within that new window, simply select the dispositions that you would like to place back into your queue.

Once your selections are made, click on "Dispositioned As"

This will cause your changes to take effect.

Now when you mouse over the Pie Chart from that campaign, you will be able to see how many calls you have to make on that campaign again.

That is listed as "Uncalled"

Now, all your agents need to do, is go to the Home Tab, and click on the campaign to begin calling on it again.

You can also click on "All Contacts" to recycle all of your leads or you can move leads from one campaign into another.

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