How to Merge Fields in Emails

Please Note: This feature is included with HD Premium accounts.

You may want to include your leads information in the emails that you send them, for example, instead of having your email say...

Dear Valued Customer, you can have it say their name, as if the email were personally written to them.

To do that, your agents will need to each set up their own Email Templates.

Once the email templates are created, your agents can then edit the template.

Select the email template by clicking on it, and then click "edit"

You will then be able to edit the email.

If your email says "Dear Customer" you can replace the word Customer with your customer's actual name, as long as you have it in the dialer as a database field.

Every one of these fields can be placed into your email, if you want to add fields, simply type in the field name and click add.

Simply change the email content to read "Dear #{First Name}"

And each email will place your leads names in the email.

As an example, lets say that a third party company has asked us to email them all of the data that we have for our leads that we close a deal on.

In that case, we simply place the merging information on all of the database fields that we have.

Now when the agent closes a sale, they just need to click on the "Send Email" icon in the dialer.

The agent has two options per email template created.

1) They can send the email to an email address that they type in, this is the "to CUSTOM email" option.

2) They can send the email to the lead that they have up on the screen, as long as you have that lead's email in your database. This is the second option that is called "to:(leads email here)"

If your agent wants to send the email to someone other than the lead, they will select the "to CUSTOM email" option.

This will then cause a small window to pop up prompting the agent to enter the email address that they want to send the email to.

Once the agent types in the email address and clicks on the Submit button, the email will be sent.

Now when the email is received, all of the data on that lead shows up instead of the code that you entered into the email.

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