How to Make a Manual Dial

To make a Manual Dial Call, you must...


1) Be logged into the dialer and connected to the dialer with your soft phone  

2) Join a Predictive Dialer campaign, you can create a campaign for manual dialed calls


Once you are connected, you need to click on the Contact View Tab. 

Now to make a call, simply click on the Manual Dial button.


Now, type in the ten digit phone number that you would like to dial. The area code, the prefix and the suffix only, there is no need to dial a one.

To dial the number click on Add Contact. You will then hear "Calling Contact".

You will then be able to fill out the contact information while you are on the phone with the contact and it will be saved in the dialer's database. This will show on reports and will also show when the number is dialed again. To hang up on the call, simply click on the Red Phone, and disposition the call.

Do NOT hang up the call using your soft phone or land line phone, this will disconnect you from the dialer.


Please Note:

If agents are making calls from the List View Tab, they are considered Manual Calls, and Manual Calls are not scrubbed against any DNC list, due to call backs.

Once they are done making the Manual Call, the agent can get back into a campaign by either going to the Home Tab and selecting a campaign, or on the green arrows next to where it says “Direct Call Mode”.

That will bring up a list of options for the agent, including the campaigns.
If they do not choose a campaign, then the dialer will not make any more calls, since it is waiting for the agent to enter in another number to call manually.


If you would like your agents to display your Caller ID info while making Manual Dialed Calls, please click HERE.

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