What is the List View

The List view tab is a quick reference of recent calls performed by your agents. 

Agents can refer to this tab to see all the recent activity that has occurred from their login. 

The area to the left shows a list of all calls made by the agent.


This function is agent specific, meaning only the agent will see the recent activity he/she has recently performed. If the administrator is logged in to the admin account, they will only be able to see activity performed by the admin, and will need to sign in as the specific agent to see their activity from this tab.

On the top portion of this screen, there are several check boxes. Check all the boxes you wish to see the activity on. For example, if you would like to see only the sales made and the scheduled call backs, just leave the goal/lead and the scheduled boxes checked. If you’d like to see all available activity, then check all the boxes. 

To the left is the “controls” column, and to the right is the “last action” column. On the left, in the “controls” column are three icons, each with their own purpose. If you click on the icon that looks like an eye, it will show you the details for that call. 

The telephone is a quick way to place a call to that phone number. 

The trash can is to completely remove that contact. In the “last action” field, it will tell you the last action that has been performed on this call. 

For example, if you added notes, or initiated a call on that contact.

Agents can also search for records simply by typing in the leads ten digit number into the “Search” field to quickly find a record.

The search feature locates calls made by all agents within the account and can be used as an admin.

Once you click "Go" you will see a pop up of all calls made to that number.


From here, you can select one of the calls made and view it, by clicking on the eye.

You may see the same number several times, this happens when...

1) The leads are recycled and the dialer calls the number again
2) The agent dispositions the call as a Scheduled Call Back and calls the lead back
3) If the agent makes a Manual Dialed call to the number

Once you locate the correct record you are looking for, you will be brought to the Contact View Tab

From there you can...

1) Call the lead
2) Re-Disposition the call
3) Send an email template to the lead
4) Add notes to the record

To view other records for that Agent, you can click on the icon called "List Recent Calls"


That will open a window showing all of the calls that the Agent has made, by default it shows the last 10 calls.


This list also shows if the call was a Direct/Manual call or a Predictive Dialer Campaign call.

How long the call lasted and the date and time of the call.

You can search for calls made during a specific date and time as well.

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