How to Create and Send Emails From the Dialer

Our clients now have the option to send emails directly from our hosted Predictive Dialer!

In order to send an email, the agent must first have his/her own email template/s set up in their account.

This function is agent specific, meaning each agent in the account will need to set up their own email templates separately.

To get started, go to the "Settings" tab. Then, click on the "Setup Email Templates" link on the bottom right hand corner.

Next, give it a name in the "Name" box. Then, you can either type in the contents manually, or copy and paste your template in to the "Content" box.

Now, at the bottom, type in the email address you would like your contacts to see when they receive the email.

Now click "Add Email Template"

You will now see your email template on the left.

If the agent would like to have contact information in the email, such as the name of the lead, they can edit the email to do that.

Simply click on the email on the left that you would like to edit, and click "edit"

You can then select the code that allows your data fields to show in the email.

Paste that code in your email, remove the <Database Field> and replace it with one of your Database Field names, such as First Name.

Be sure to type it exactly as it shows in your Database Field and remember to also remove the < and >

This adds a personal touch to each email, so that now it will say...

"Thank you Robert for requesting more information about our..."

Or whatever your leads name is, as long as you have uploaded that information with the lead information.

When you are finished, click "Save" and then click "Done".


Agents can create as many templates as they need in order to cater to specific needs from varying contacts.

Once the email template is created, your agent will now be able to select an email template to send from a drop-down menu in the "Contact View" screen.

When a template is selected, the agent can either choose to send the email to the email address that you may have already uploaded with your lead information.

Or the agent can chose to enter an email destination, then click "Submit". That's it!

*Note* Agents do not need to be in a live call to use this function. They can view the records of a call from the "List View" tab and send emails while viewing the record.

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