How to Edit Agent Permissions and Privileges

Please Note: This feature is included with HD Premium accounts.

Administrators can give specific privileges and permissions to their agents from the Dialer.

Some agents may perform better than others and be given new access to different parts of the dialer depending on that performance level.

Agents can also be given full administrator access if the need arises.

Other options are also available to the admin within the "edit properties" feature.

To begin, click on the "Admin" tab.

Before adjusting permissions and privileges, at the top of the "edit properties" screen, you will see some other options available to the administrator.

The agents login name, email address and caller ID info can be edited here by the administrator whenever the need arises.

Agent passwords can also be reset by the administrator from this screen.

You have several Privileges that you can allow or disallow on the left.

On the left side of the window, you will see column of "privileges" that the administrator can turn on or off.

Admin User - Allows your user to have access to the Admin Tab which is where privileges are changed, database fields, dispositions and DNC lists are edited.

Manage Campaigns - This allows your user to have access to the Campaigns Tab, from there they can create campaigns, recycle leads and listen to recorded calls.

Allow Exports - This permission allows your user to download reports and lead information on your dialer, if the Manage Campaigns permission is on, the user will still not be able to download reports and lead data unless Allow Exports is also checked.

Allow List Purchase - Is a feature that we have not yet rolled out, checking this will not change anything at this point.

Auto Next Default - By checking this, the dialer will automatically call the next set of leads for the user, once they have finished dispositioning the call.

Script Pop Default - By checking this box, your user's script will automatically pop up when the dialer forwards a call to them.

Enable Edit Settings - When this privilege is allowed, your user has the Settings Tab, and is allowed to make changes to their log in.

Enable Monitor - When your user has this option checked, it allows them to have the Agent Monitor Tab, and your user can now listen in on live calls.
Please Note: To listen in on live calls, the user must have X-Lite set up, the listen in feature does not work with the dial in feature.

Show Productivity - Selecting this option allows the admin to see this user's call stats on the Admin Tab.

Kick Idle Agents - Checking this box will cause the dialer to disconnect the agent from their voice connection after a certain amount of time, if your agents are waiting longer periods of time between calls due to your call ratio or the quality of your leads, you may want to un-check this box to prevent your agents from being disconnected.

On the right side, you have the ability to add or remove certain tabs and abilities as well.

Show Home Tab -  Allows your user to be able to view the Home Tab, from there, they can begin dialing into a campaign.

Show List View Tab - Allows your users to be able to view the List View Tab, where they can see their call history, search for leads that they have called and more.

Enable Email Sending - Allows your users to email leads from the dialer.

Show Contact Notes -  Allows your users to see notes that were left in the system by themselves or other users that may have already talked to the lead they are speaking with, this is seen on the Contact View Tab.

Show Auto Next Checkbox - This option allows your agents to see a check box on their Contact View screen, allowing them to check and uncheck that box. This might come in handy if they have a large note to leave about the last call and they don't want the dialer to call the next set of leads just yet.

Show Script Pop Checkbox - This option allows your agents to see a check box on their Contact View screen, allowing them to check and uncheck that box. This may come in handy if they accidentally close the script window in the middle of the call and they need it to show up again.

Show Assign to Dispo - Checking this allows your users to assign a lead to another user. Once the user dispositions the call as an Assign to another user, they will see a choice of all of the other users associated with their dialer account.
The user that the lead is assigned to will see the lead on their List View Tab.

Show Custom Dispositions - When this is checked, your agents will not only be able to use the default dispositions that are already a part of the dialer, they will also be able to select from the Custom Disposition drop down which is where your custom dispositions show up.

Preload Contacts - This option allows the information on the lead to show up on the Contact View screen as soon as the dialer recognizes the call as a live answer, this way your user already has the information about the lead in front of them just before they hear the lead say hello.

Record Direct Calls - If you have set your campaign to record all calls, then the dialer will record all of the calls made from that campaign, however, if your agent needs to make a manually dialed call, it will not be recorded unless this box is checked.
To listen to the manually dialed call's recordings, you need to click on the Speaker Icon that is associated with the agent in the Admin Tab.

Show Export Tab - When this box is checked, the user will have an Export Data Tab. That tab allows your users to run reports based on the calls that they have made. Reporting on any other user will not show up in these reports.

When you are done making changes, click "Save Properties"

The settings will not take effect for the user that you just changed, until they log back into the dialer.

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