Dropped Calls

There may be several times when you have heard the term, "Dropped Calls" or "Abandoned Calls"

Those both refer to calls that have been answered by your leads, but the dialer did not have an available agent to transfer them to, therefore by law, the dialer is required to hang up on that lead.

In our Predictive dialer, the drop call rate refers to the number of calls that have been dropped due to technical issues or no agents being available to answer the call.

If no agent is available to take the call after a specified amount of time, the dialer will hang up on the call, resulting in a dropped call.

The administrator has the ability to set the call ratio anywhere from 1 to 5 outbound calls at a time, per agent who is logged into the campaign.
They can also select Auto, which places the dialer in Predictive Mode and lets the dialer determine the call ratio.

The lower the call ratio, the lower the dropped calls will be. Naturally, the more agents who are available to take calls, the lower the drop percent will be due to the fact that there are more agents logged in to the campaign to take the calls.

For example, larger call centers with 10 or more agents have the ability to take the load of more callers, enabling them to place up to 5 calls at a time per agent (in some cases) with a low dropped call percentage rate. Smaller call centers with less agents to answer calls need to be careful with this setting, as a high call ratio will increase their dropped call percentage.

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