How to use the Dial In Method

Contact your sales rep to learn how you can add this feature.

Please Note: You and/or your agent MUST change the Manual Caller ID number to be the same number that the dialer will have to call for this to work properly. This will not be the Caller ID that appears when calling from a campaign.

You can use a land line or cell phone to connect to the dialer instead of using a headset.

To change the settings to allow this, be sure to change your Connection Method to Telephone Dial In.

Now, when you log into the dialer, simply click on the campaign that you want to dial out on.


As soon as you click on the campaign, the dialer will take you to the Contact View Tab and you will also see a pop up asking you to dial into the dial in number.

If you don't remember your user name and log in, don't worry, it displays that for you also, as seen below.


The dialer will not begin calling any of the leads until you log in to the dial in number.


You can use any land line phone or a cell phone to do this.


When you dial into the dialer, you will hear the following message:

"Welcome to the dialer, enter your agent number"


After entering your agent number, you will be asked to enter your PIN number:

"Please enter your pin"

When done entering your pin, it will say: 

"Authorizing now"

Once you entered the correct information, you will hear the following message:

"Agent pin is correct. You are now logged in." 

The dialer will then begin calling the leads the same way that it does when you are connected with a soft phone.

"Welcome! Get ready to sell. Finding prospect...


Once one of your leads answers the phone, you will be able to hear them on your land line/cell phone.


The dialer does not call you when a lead is contacted, instead you remain on the line with the dialer the entire time.


Not only will you be able to hear the lead on your phone, you will also see the contact information for them in your dialer.


When you are done speaking with the lead, be sure that you do NOT hang up your phone, if you do then you will disconnect yourself from the dialer and you will need to dial in and log in again.


To hang up on the call, click on the red hangup button that is in the dialer.


Once you hang up the call, you will then need to disposition the call.


If you do not disposition the call, then the dialer will not make any more calls.


Once you disposition the call, the dialer will then begin calling your leads again.

When you want to log out of the dialer, or need to take a break, simply hang up your phone and the dialer will stop calling leads.

To begin calling the leads again, click on the campaign that you want to call out on and repeat the steps in this article.


Please note: 
The number that you are calling is a local Chicago number, long distance fees may apply to the phone that you are calling from and the carrier that you have with it.

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